suspect fuel pump on my 91 200q20v

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Aug 18 12:55:56 EDT 2003

At 10:38 AM -0400 8/18/03, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Pump rotates clockwise for extraction (I THINK--it's been  a year).  You
>have to budge it out of a detent and then it moves easily.  I couldn't get
>it to move by hand and needed the extraction tool ($25 from
>Zelenda).  Others have found a leather glove gives them enough grip and
>hand protection to turn it.  If you look with a flashlight, you should be
>able to see at least one of the detents and determine which direction is OUT.

But don't spend effort (btdt) trying to twist that thick plastic ring
around the top of the pump holder--it is stationary. What needs to be
twisted is inside that ring--i.e., the pump+basket unit.


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