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Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Mon Aug 18 15:25:32 EDT 2003

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>> Bentley specifically recommends replacing the ... upper control arm
>> bushings (?) ... every ... 45K(?) miles ..., or something like that,
>> for UFOmobiles.  See the good book for details, and if it fixes
>> your problem, shout hallelulia (to the Audi Gods)!

>> Steve

>No, they talk about the front lower inner CA bushing, but I've never found
>one bad or being the cause of the usual excessive negative camber.  Further,
>on the 44 chassis there is no front upper control arm, only in the rear, and
>no UFOs back there.


On 2 different type 44's I've found inner lower control arm bushings bad.  They were totally blown out.  The inner metal in the bushing was detached from the rubber with about a 1/4" of play.

Mike Sylvester


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