Shake, RAttle & Roll

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Mon Aug 18 14:04:15 EDT 2003

Exactly the same problem, Locking in a static angular deflection of the
bushing at the SRH will cause overstressing and failure of the rubber at
bump condition.


> From: "Ingo D. Rautenberg" <ingo at>

> Bernie,
> Can't see how this would be an issue up front, but have seen this numerous
> times on the rear tie rods (a.k.a. transverse links).
> Agree that's a big no-no there.
> -Ingo
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>> One possible reason for this failure, that I have never witnessed on any
> of
>> my 3 44s, is that the control arm thru bolts may have been tightened down
>> before the car was at static ride height.  A no-no!
>> Bernie

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