Hyd Fluid Leak Puzzle

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Aug 18 14:40:34 EDT 2003

A good test for the rack's high press rod seal and the hp hose is to right
turn the wheel into the rack stop.  Try it.


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> Subject: Re: Hyd Fluid Leak Puzzle
> I saw something like this when my pump->rack hose went. I had a 1 time
> dump, then nothing for many weeks. What was leaking was the crimp at the
> pump end. When turning the wheel, with the car still, the load is fairly
> heavy and it caused the leak. I think in normal operation, the car is
> usually moving when the wheel is being turned. I happened to adjust the
> wheel at the last minute while parking and it caused my fluid dump.
> Anyway, from that crimp, the fluid sprays/runs back towards the bomb area.
> David
> Steve Sherman wrote:
>> I am baffled by the hydraulic fluid leak that my 91 avant is having.
>> Seems to work fine for some time (6 mos the first time, 1 mo this last
>> time), fluid remains full in the res.  Then suddenly, like within a few
>> miles (10-20), it will lose a bunch of fluid (like the whole res worth
>> in a short trip), making a nice puddles whenever I park.
>> Whenever this happens, and I look underneath.  The leak always seems to
>> be coming from the "bomb" area. The area on the bomb is soaked with
>> fluid and the crossmember under the bomb is wet there too.  I clean
>> things up and dry it off, and then run it, and no obvious leaks.  I even
>> checked every nite for almost 10 days but no sign of oil around the bomb
>> or any of the lines leading to it.
>> I have checked for other possible sources, but the res, pump and various
>> other things that might be leaking are dry and show no signs of
>> leaking; which whould be especially obvious when it dumps  .5 l or more
>> in a short time.
>> I am baffled as to what this might be.  Is there an overpressure valve
>> on the bomb that might be cutting out every so often?  Any other ideas;
>> anyone on the forum seen this behavior before?
>> TIA
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