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Ok, really stupid questions, please forgive me

1. what do these hoses carry?  Air? one of mine seems to be leaking oil from
the connection.
2. in a related question are these something your average rooke shade-tree
mechanic could replace.


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Hi  again, Y'all,

This just in from Tom @ ECS:

Pricing & a name list will be posted on our ECS forums. The link to the
Forums is here

Also if they would like to place the order on-line that is also available,
have them following the directions here

Also I have started to place pics of the hoses kits & separate hoses, you
can view the pics along with a direct link for ordering the hoses here

Let me know if you have any questions.


I have not followed these links to verify they are correct but the
information may be helpful.   Note, it says "will be" and "have
started".  Perhaps these mean "not yet this evening".  ???

Anyway, the GP is on.   Call 800-924-5172 to place your order - be sure to
mention that your order is part of the GP so that you will get the
discounted group pricing.


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