pipe cap for pressure tester

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> To construct a manifold pressure tester, a list-recommended
> alternative (alternative to Brett's Rubbermaid cup method) is to
> modify an end-cap for 3" PVC pipe. However the only 3" cap I can find
> is made of very thick rubber ("Quik Cap" brand). It  will fit around
> the outside of the intake hose, but I'm skeptical about the intake
> hose being rigid enough to take the necessary clamping force. Also,
> this cap's very thick rubber doesn't seem to be well-suited for
> mounting a Schraeder valve. So, what variety of pipe-cap have people
> been successfully using; is there another type (material) of pipe-cap
> that is more appropriate than the one I've found?
> Phil,

This has worked great for me.

helmville mt
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