OT-LAC Porsche Testdrive

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at theinternet.de
Tue Aug 19 12:32:14 EDT 2003

I was out for a new car. Wanted a convertible with power like my Audi,
but enough space for my two very small kids (1+2). Found this 1993 911
Convertible. Talk a knowledgeable person with me to inspect it.

Driving the car I thought, ok. Feels good. Tried some accelaration on
the Autobahn, and thought, why do I like my 1.5 metric ton Audi better
in accelaration than this 1.2 metric ton Porsche?

My buddy is driving his 911 around the Nurburgring every now and than,
and has done all kinds of things to it, but even he was impressed how my
Audi pulls on the Autobahn at 220+km/h.

End of game. I will keep my Audi.

Just thought anyone would like to know :)

Audi 200 Q 20V Avant
H+R / Bilstein
MTM Turbo

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