Hyd Fluid Leak Puzzle

Steve Sherman spsherm at attglobal.net
Thu Aug 21 14:31:41 EDT 2003

Thanks to DAK and Bernie for the suggestions on the rack hose leak.  I
tried that but it did not appear to be the problem.

I did today notice a slight fluid leak on the bomb, the first since the
last major dump and subsequent cleanup.  It appears to be coming from
around the banjo bolt on the bottom, the one on the hose that goes to
the pump.  In checking for "wet" spots up the hose and elsewhere on the
body of the bomb, it would appear that the leak is coming from the banjo
bolt connection itself.  There is no signs of oil further up on that
line to hint that it is dripping from up there down. (BTW, the banjo
bolt is tight, no looseness here)

When I took a closer look at this banjo bolt, I could not see the Cu/Al
crush washers under the head or under the hub.  I (vaguely) recall
changing this same line out in my 86 5K, and in that case there were two
crush washers one on either side of the hub the bolt goes thru.  But on
my 20v, the head of the bolt appears to contact the hub of the line.
Could it be that the wrench that installed the new bomb for the previous
owner forgot the washers???

I'd appreciate it if anyone who has seen these parts recently could
comment on if this fitting is supposed to have crush washers, and if
they are visible from the outside when installed.


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