Hyd Fluid Leak Puzzle

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 03:22:37 EDT 2003

...  I (vaguely) recall changing this same line out in my 86 5K, and in
that case there were two crush washers one on either side of the hub the
bolt goes thru.  But on my 20v, the head of the bolt appears to contact
the hub of the line.  Could it be that the wrench that installed the new
bomb for the previous owner forgot the washers???

These Audi years were transition years from washers to o-rings, the former
externally visable, the latter not.  I defer to the experts as to whare your
bild date may fit.

Rebuilt hydraulic pumps from ZF for our cars come with a ~ 5x7 rasbery-
colored card that suggests several revisions of the pump/seals/etc.
depending on: the color of the pump tag (red, green, or silver), the
year of the car (<= 1985, >= 1986), the number of grooves in one of
the banjo bolts.  I find the card confusing, but I believe that all
of the 91 models used o-rings.  The family album also suggests this,
as no crush washers are listed, and the seals are listed as "round
seals" with their dimensions.

Also, the hose ends that use o-rings will of course have a groove
on each side to suit the seal.  Ends for crush washers I assume
would be flat, although I haven't personally seen any of these.

FWIW, the seal you suspect of leaking is not actually listed in the
table of P/Ns in the album.  However, the other end of this hose uses
the same size banjo bolt (although with a different P/N; maybe only
the bolt for the pump end has a screen in the end and the other bolt
doesn't), and it's seal quantity is listed as 4, so I assume it's the
same seal for both ends (N 904 054 01; A10X16).

Ukiah, CA

PS: Remember to diffuse the bomb before checking that joint (or is
it only the line from the bomb to the master cylinder that remains
pressurized with the engine off?).

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