Hyd Fluid Leak Puzzle

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Aug 22 10:16:58 EDT 2003

At 07:01 PM 08/21/2003 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:

> > From: Steve Sherman <spsherm at attglobal.net>
> > When I took a closer look at this banjo bolt, I could not see the Cu/Al
> > crush washers under the head or under the hub.  I (vaguely) recall
> > changing this same line out in my 86 5K, and in that case there were two
> > crush washers one on either side of the hub the bolt goes thru.  But on
> > my 20v, the head of the bolt appears to contact the hub of the line.
> > Could it be that the wrench that installed the new bomb for the previous
> > owner forgot the washers???
>These Audi years were transition years from washers to o-rings, the former
>externally visable, the latter not.  I defer to the experts as to whare your
>bild date may fit.

May depend upon where a replacement hose was obtained too.  My 200q20v HAD
the O-ring hoses, but when I bought a new high pressure rack hose and a new
reservoir-to-pump supply line from Carlsen Audi several years ago, they
sent me the O-ring version of the rack hose, but the crush washer version
of the supply hose.  I didn't want to go another week without the car to
get the correct supply hose, so I installed it with crush washers.

I know, I know, Bernie, take the hoses to a local hydraulics service and
have the old ends put on new hose.  But there is no hydraulics service
company in my area of rural Michigan that would do that because they'd
never seen such hose ends before.  I have purchased dozens of new
hydraulics hoses and fittings because I've had a bunch of tractors that use
them, so I know how to shop for hydraulics here.  They either didn't have
dies to crimp metric sizes or they couldn't fit the Audi hose ends into
their jigs.

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