Hyd Fluid Leak Puzzle

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Aug 22 07:50:49 EDT 2003

> From: Kneale Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com>
> I know, I know, Bernie, take the hoses to a local hydraulics service and
> have the old ends put on new hose.  But there is no hydraulics service
> company in my area of rural Michigan that would do that because they'd
> never seen such hose ends before.  I have purchased dozens of new
> hydraulics hoses and fittings because I've had a bunch of tractors that use
> them, so I know how to shop for hydraulics here.  They either didn't have
> dies to crimp metric sizes or they couldn't fit the Audi hose ends into
> their jigs.
The new hose need not be crimped to the fitting.  Aeroquip and others make
fittings, including adaptor fittings, with reuseable hose ends, in which the
hose screws onto the male portion of the fitting and a nut is then screwed
over the OD of the hose to apply the squeeze.  That's what I used in
adapting the old hose banjo ends to the new hose.


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