Injector Seal Kit, major improvement, minor investment

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Hi Brandon:

You can remove them off with a screw driver if careful.  Mine were so
old they cracked and then would come off easily.  The new ones popped on
with finger pressure and a rag so the end of the needle didn't poke a
hole in finger.  The hardest part was getting the rail out as the lower
end of the injectors were somewhat stuck in the manifold.  Leave the
square fuel rail on the injectors including the injector retaining clips
and you can get all injectors out at once, with some light pursuasion.
If injectors are really stuck, you should remove them individually.

Everything else is a breeze.  Lubricate the o-rings with oil or greese.
Also, use a q-tip to lightly lube the bores the o-rings slide in.


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 I have this little kit in my garage but have yet to do anything with
How do you properly remove the old plastic tips?  just pry them off?
other tips greatly appreciated.


'84 urq 20V

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Hi All:

I just wanted to pass this along.  I recently replaced the injector
o-rings and plastic cap that snaps on the end of the injector (after
150K).  I probably should have had the injectors professionally cleaned
etc but am too cheap.  Anyway, I have noticed a significant improvement
in cold start idle and performance under load is more stable.  The
engine used to have an occasional high load misfire (very light) that I
could never quite resolve.  Also, the occasional stall when coming off
high boost, even after replacing all the usual suspects.

For 25 bucks (from the Audi dealer), it was a big improvement.  If some
of you have high mileage injector o-rings and unexplained “reduced
potential” issues, you may want to give it a try.

I think when cold, the worn o-rings were not sealing properly hence poor
idle and bad exhaust smell.  The smell still isn’t great but is more in
line with a 150K engine.  I think there was another problem under
certain vibrational loads the injectors would leak, resulting in part
and high load misfires.  I was beginning to suspect an ignition problem,
but the engine now runs great.

In the intake manifold, there is a plastic insert the injector slides
into.  I cleaned these out with carb cleaner, q-tips, and a vacuum
cleaner as most of them were stuck in the manifold.  Everything took
about 1.5 hrs.  When snapping the cap on the end of the injector, make
sure not to damage the needle pintle as it is external to the injector.



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