Production Years?

Jonas Majauskas jmajau at
Mon Aug 25 11:16:17 EDT 2003

On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Snoop,
>   Good luck finding a 91'   They are sweet cars.  But if you do
> settle on a 90' you will be very happy.  Parts are cheaper and
> they are still wonderful cars.

Interesting... Why you are talking about 1990 200tq as if it was only with
10V engine ? In ETKA, I can see that 20V turbo (3B) engine was in Audi
200q from 1989 till 1991 year. Also there were 1B and MC 10V turbo
engines. I have 200tq20V and I think it is 1990 - check this:

Maybe early 20V was available only in Europe ?


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