HELP!! Torn sheet metal

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Subject: HELP!! Torn sheet metal
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 12:31:52 -0700

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I've got a major problem and will be needing to weld in some new sheet meta=
l=2E Don't know how it happened as I haven't hit anything on the road hard =
enough to cause this damage, perhaps previous owner. But I have no idea. An=
yway, the point where the end of the steering rack butts up against the fir=
ewall/fender well on the drivers side is tearing. It appears as if a BIG si=
deload was putt on the steering rack causing it to try and punch through th=
e sheetmetal where it mounts. So I am gonna have to cut out that sheetmetal=
and weld in some new stuff. However, there is also a reinforcing piece tha=
t is spot welded inside the fender well (you can see this piece easily when=
you remove your tire and look behing the strut) that is also broken. So I =
need to replace this piece as well. DOES ANYONE HAVE A WRECK THEY ARE PARTI=
sawz-all to the car and cut it out, or drill out the spot welds to remove =
it. I DESPERATELY need to find this piece to replace it. Please, can anyone=

Anyone know if this reinforcing plate is specific to the 200 20v? Or was it=
on 10v 200's as well?

Thanks for any help

I personally don't know enough to comment on your specific problem, but I
have had a lot of luck getting used pieces from Chris Semple at force 5

he has a decent website and lists a number of cars/parts for Audi/VW, every
time I have called he has answered the phone himself and has had my he wants to saw up a 200 I don't know but it is worth a shot.

good luck

Joshua Cummings
1991 200 Avant
1973 Alfa Romeo GTV
Woods Hole MA.

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