RS6 with Tip vs S4 with 6 spped.

Ted Fisher fisherwc at
Mon Aug 25 22:33:07 EDT 2003

Guys, final got to drive the RS6 and the S4 back to back.

IMHO, the S4 can be driven quicker through the twistes than the RS6.
Possible that part of this is that I have been racing and driving sticks
for almost 40 years.

The S4 with it's six speed manual was very manageable and I was able to
put the car where I wanted it, when I wanted it there. All in all, very
much a confidence builder.

The RS6 on the other hand was a bit of a challenge in the curves.
Depending on the automatic was an exercise in stupidity. Either the
power wasn't there when I needed it or the darn thing would down shift
and then I had way too much power. While it is difficult to introduce
throttle oversteer with too much gas, suddenly lifting to avoid the
sudden increase in acceleration (and the resulting understeer) will
result in the back end coming around. Hitting the steering wheel paddles
would drop the transmission into the Tiptronic mode but it always
started in 4th. A couple of quick punches and I was in second, but in
the mean time I was now exiting the turn. Possible with practice I would
learn to use the system but so far, the old instincts allowed me to
really hustle the S4. Now maybe an RS6 with a manual would be another

I guess I'll see which is better at Sears Point this November during the
National Driving School. The course is very difficult and horsepower
does not help as much as a well balanced car. Anybody else have any
similar experiences.

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