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Snoop Dobb snoop-dobb at
Sun Aug 24 04:35:56 EDT 2003

Thanks to all of you who wrote back to me about my impending purchase.
 I've posted a quick ad in my area (Portland, OR) looking for a '91, but
I'll likely be buying the '90 as my chances of finding a '91 seem quite
small.  Test drove it and had a blast, and I'm looking forward to
learning about it's internals and doing some tweaking on it.

Thanks again!


Todd Phenneger wrote:

>Your correct on the 20v being 91' only.  And for that manner the
>91' 200quattro was the only one to have the 20vt.  The non
>quattro had the MC-2 10v engine from the 1990 200quattro.  Its
>about 60hp shy of the 20v.  The 91' really is a much better and
>capable car.  The flared wheel wells leave room for big rubber,
>the Engine is capable of 350hp with easy bolt on mods, and it
>generally runs better than the CIS 10v engines.  The 1990 200
>can get to 220hp easily with a chip and if your happy with that
>it is a wonderful vehicle.  But if you want more than 220hp I'd
>suggest staying with the 91' 200.  For the cost to get a 10vt up
>to even 300hp you'll already have spend way more than buying a
>91' 200 in the first place.  Any you'll still have non flared
>wheel arches, etc.
>  Todd
>--- Snoop Dobb <snoop-dobb at> wrote:
>>This is a pretty simple question.  I've been googling all
>>morning, and
>>haven't been able to find a conclusive answer...  Was the
>>200q20v only
>>produced in '91?  I'm looking at a 200 quattro turbo, but it's
>>a '90, so
>>it doesn't appear to have the 20v engine.  Can anyone verify
>>this?  Can
>>anyone also give me a quick breakdown of the significant
>>between the '90 and '91 models?  It seems like the '90 200
>>turbo is
>>quite an impressive piece of engineering as well, with similar
>>performance to the 20v?
>>Also, please cc me directly as I'm not subscribed to the
>>list... yet.
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