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I second what Mike is saying, there are always Audi 200 adds in the marketplace.  Auto Trader is another source.

I found my '91 200 20v wagon last October after doing a simple search with
Auto Trader on-line:

The search results turned up several for me to choose from...I bought mine
sight unseen from a private party in Seattle.  I bought one-way air fare
($160) from Minnnesota to Seattle to close the deal and pick it up.  My
first experience with a non-local auto purchase, and I have no regrets.

A similar search today will result in even more 200s than a year ago.  I
did one last week which resulted in 16 hits;  all were '91 200s, but not
all were 20v quattro turbo versions with the manual 5 speed.  A search
today turned up 10.

I would recommend researching the vehicle history, using the VIN and a
service like CARFAX.  This will allow you to verify the actual mileage and
the number of previous owners.  With some research and patience you could
easily find a worthy example.

Expect to pay $7000 or more for a low mileage (100K miles or less) version
in A1 mechanical condition, with unblemished interior and exterior.

It sounds to me, however; like you have already made up your mind on the
'90.  Be aware that a  '91 200, 20 valve, 2.2 litre, turbo quattro,
5-speed, sedan or wagon, is a rare bird and much coveted by European auto
enthusiasts, especially Audi enthusiasts.

When you have done just a little more research on this '91 200, I
guarantee, there is no way you will consider a '90 version.  Be prepared to
spend some cash for maintenance in either case.  If you don't or won't have
sufficient financial resources, then you should consider a 10 or 12 year
old (god forbid) Toyota Supra or a Honda Prelude.

'91 200 20v tq wagon, 109k miles
'91 100 10v quattro sedan, 196k miles

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> Thanks to all of you who wrote back to me about my impending purchase.
>  I've posted a quick ad in my area (Portland, OR) looking for a '91, but
> I'll likely be buying the '90 as my chances of finding a '91 seem quite
> small.  Test drove it and had a blast, and I'm looking forward to
> learning about it's internals and doing some tweaking on it.
> Thanks again!
> -Matt

Lots of 91's on audifans last time I looked. I had no problem replacing
after I totaled it in May.


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