smoke upon start up

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Aug 27 22:45:43 EDT 2003

> I really need someone's help.Upon start up these past few days i started
> noticing a little black smoke,thought nothing of it.

I'm going to monday-morning quarterback here and say "you shouldn't have
ignored it".

> Until today,after work I
> started it up and it smoked up the whole parking lot I mean smoke everywhere
> ,there was a nasty smell too like something is burning almost like
> rubber,there was no white smoke and smell  of  antifreeze so I guess I could
> rule out head gasket.As I continue to drive the car it went away

Okay, so your car is smoking like crazy, which it has NEVER done before save
the last 2-3 days when it has been getting worse..but you continued to drive
it?  It sucks having to wait for a flatbed, trying to find a ride home, etc.
It sucks even more when you blow up your engine.

> ,but not that
> smell,whats weird is the car seems to run fine.I tried pulling codes and only
> got the O2 sensor.If theres is any body that could point me in the right
> direction I would really appreciate.,

You probably got the O2 sensor code either because there's a fuel system
problem and the ECU can't get proper mixture...or the O2 sensor has been
damaged by whatever you're burning(they are sensitive to contamination-
response slows until the sensor becomes useless, hence the Audi-recommended
50k-mile change interval).

Regardless, you've got a serious problem, and the car should NOT be driven
until the cause is determined, IMHO.  Provided there are no obvious leaks,
loose hoses, etc...'seek professional help' applies.  Driving the car presents
a serious chance of further damage and I recommend you have it flat-bedded to
your mechanic.


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