smoke upon start up

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Wed Aug 27 23:00:02 EDT 2003

At 7:56 PM -0400 8/27/03, Vincenzo Basile wrote:
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>Hi list
>I really need someone's help.Upon start up these past few days i
>started noticing a little black smoke,thought nothing of it.Until
>today,after work I started it up and it smoked up the whole parking
>lot I mean smoke everywhere ,there was a nasty smell too like
>something is burning almost like rubber,there was no white smoke and
>smell  of  antifreeze so I guess I could rule out head gasket.As I
>continue to drive the car it went away ,but not that smell,whats
>weird is the car seems to run fine.I tried pulling codes and only
>got the O2 sensor.If theres is any body that could point me in the
>right direction I would really appreciate.,

>>When my car started to leak tranny oil on the catalytic converter,
>>it smelled like burning rubber. In that instance, the leak was from
>>the differential output shaft seal on the passenger side.

....but I doubt that it could happen (smoke from a tranny leak)
immediately after a cold start, since the cats wouldn't be hot enough.


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Rochester, NY
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