smoke upon start up

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Thu Aug 28 13:10:16 EDT 2003

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Subject: smoke upon start up
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 19:56:18 -0400

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Hi list
I really need someone's help.Upon start up these past few days i started no=
ticing a little black smoke,thought nothing of it.Until today,after work I =
started it up and it smoked up the whole parking lot I mean smoke everywher=
e ,there was a nasty smell too like something is burning almost like rubber=
,there was no white smoke and smell  of  antifreeze so I guess I could rule=
out head gasket.As I continue to drive the car it went away ,but not that =
smell,whats weird is the car seems to run fine.I tried pulling codes and on=
ly got the O2 sensor.If theres is any body that could point me in the right=
direction I would really appreciate.,

This may seem like a stupid question, but did you see that the smoke was
coming out of the tail pipe or was it coming from the engine bay,
If it is from the tailpipe I would wonder if your turbo shaft seal is worn?
I have not had experience with this but thought I rememberd hearing about
this, maybe someone can add to that theory or shoot it down based on
Did you recently change and possibly overfill the oil?
...something ain't right, I would agree that you shouldn't drive it
(personally I wouldn't start it until you had an idea of the cause and go
from there).

good luck-Josh

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