Brake pad light won't go out. (final fix)

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Fri Aug 29 02:58:06 EDT 2003

BriceW at wrote:

>I installed new rotors and a new pads and the brake pad wear light still
>comes on. It comes on about 3 minutes after I start the engine and begin to

Smacking the top of the panel fixes the problem on my Audi for a while.

One day I will take the instrument cluster out and re-solder what needs
to be re-soldered.

The final fix is at hand, I hope.  According to Bentley...Take out the dash.
  The 26 pin connector behind the Tach, brown, should have 0 Ohms between
the 10-11 connectors.  If viewed from the back of dash 3rd and 4th
connectors in the top row left to right.  (The connections are numbered on
the female connector and on the male PC board!)  If you have no continuity,
and you won't or you wouldn't have your dash out, you will need to remove
the PC board.  Many sites have the BTDT, try SJM.  You will need to jumper
10-11 to get continuity.  If you are looking from the back of the board,
10-11 are the 10th and 11th pin on the top row from left to right.  A drop
of solder between the 2 and your brake pad light is history, though it will
be cycled through in the self test.  Needless to say this fix is only for
those of low patience to trace the wiring break causing the light.  On my 2
200 20vs, I was able to jumper the continuity on the harness side on one
car, and had to go to the PC board on the other.  YMMV!  Of course do not
make this repair if you are unable to terll by yourself when your front pads
are gone.  If you realy would rather search for the discontinuity, let me
know and I will sell you my Audi replcement harness for one side of the
circuit cheap!

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