[s-cars] Radiator cooling fan won't run

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Aug 29 01:35:34 EDT 2003

>> I am looking for the radiator cooling fan control unit in a 1991 200. It
>> is not located in the left kick panel per Bentley. Where is it? Also,
>> anyone have insight as to the most likely reasons why the cooling fan
>> will not run? It does if power is connected directly to the fan so I
>> know the fan is good. Thanks, Tim Leonard ESCARGO

> Might be the fuseable link located on the drivers side inside fender.
> See http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/cooling.html#fuse

If the fan is known-good, does not run on the slowest speed with the A/C
on(temp must be over 40 degrees F), and the car overheats in traffic because
Stage II isn't coming on, you're virtually guaranteed the failure is the
fuseable link.

The plastic cover usually breaks off exposing the link to the elements, and
then it's just a matter of time before it corrodes and snaps/breaks.  If the
link is melted and not broken, obviously you don't want to just toss another
link in there.

Do not be tempted to jury-rig something "in the meantime".  If the fan shorts,
you can pretty much kiss your main wiring harness, battery, and possibly more
goodbye.  Yes, generic links will work if you're in a pinch- 70-80A is
appropriate, although lower amperages will work OK in a REAL pinch; the fuse
is sized for stage III operation, aka "hurricane mode"...

The linkages are a buck or two each at the FLAD(Friendly[?] Local Audi Dealer)
and the part number is N 0 171 253.  See:


...for a complete hardware/PN listing, including a new box.  To nip a question
in the bud- yes, Audi is using a different amperage link currently than what
originally came on the car- you may get either the new or old rating.

Hope this helps,

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