[s-cars] Radiator cooling fan won't run

Tim Leonard nard1 at voyager.net
Fri Aug 29 02:56:42 EDT 2003

There was no cover nor was I aware there should be one. Thanks for that
info. For now I soldered the link together as it had corroded in two rather
than blowing in two. A shot with the bead blaster cleaned it up well and the
pieces mated nicely. Thanks for the part #. I'll order from FLAP (person).
Tim Leonard
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> >> I am looking for the radiator cooling fan control unit in a 1991 200.
> >> is not located in the left kick panel per Bentley. Where is it? Also,
> >> anyone have insight as to the most likely reasons why the cooling fan
> >> will not run? It does if power is connected directly to the fan so I
> >> know the fan is good. Thanks, Tim Leonard ESCARGO
> > Might be the fuseable link located on the drivers side inside fender.
> > See http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/cooling.html#fuse
> If the fan is known-good, does not run on the slowest speed with the A/C
> on(temp must be over 40 degrees F), and the car overheats in traffic
> Stage II isn't coming on, you're virtually guaranteed the failure is the
> fuseable link.
> The plastic cover usually breaks off exposing the link to the elements,
> then it's just a matter of time before it corrodes and snaps/breaks.  If
> link is melted and not broken, obviously you don't want to just toss
> link in there.
> Do not be tempted to jury-rig something "in the meantime".  If the fan
> you can pretty much kiss your main wiring harness, battery, and possibly
> goodbye.  Yes, generic links will work if you're in a pinch- 70-80A is
> appropriate, although lower amperages will work OK in a REAL pinch; the
> is sized for stage III operation, aka "hurricane mode"...
> The linkages are a buck or two each at the FLAD(Friendly[?] Local Audi
> and the part number is N 0 171 253.  See:
> http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/200q20v/2002-May/008357.html
> ...for a complete hardware/PN listing, including a new box.  To nip a
> in the bud- yes, Audi is using a different amperage link currently than
> originally came on the car- you may get either the new or old rating.
> Hope this helps,
> Brett

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