[s-cars] Radiator cooling fan won't run

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Aug 29 09:50:49 EDT 2003

At 01:56 AM 08/29/2003 -0400, Tim Leonard wrote:
>There was no cover nor was I aware there should be one. Thanks for that
>info. For now I soldered the link together as it had corroded in two rather
>than blowing in two. A shot with the bead blaster cleaned it up well and the
>pieces mated nicely. Thanks for the part #. I'll order from FLAP (person).

The part # for the box the fusible link goes into (which comes with a NEW
cover, of course) is 281 937 505A.  I paid about $10 for it.  Buy several
links.  Seems to be a common failure every couple of years.

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