Clutch master cylinder

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Fri Aug 29 06:56:21 EDT 2003

I did this recently, it was inconvenient, but doable w/o real pain. the
biggest problem was getting to the slave cylinder to bleed it, I had a
11mm bleeder so had to cut down a 11mm wrench to fit in there and be
able to open and close it. I had to come in from the left wheel well
with a loooong ext. and socket to break it loose and when I was done I
did the same thing to be sure it was tight. Some times the things said
about the engineers that designed these beasts is not real positive.

Chuck Pierce
91 200 tq 20v Avant

Dave Priebe wrote:

>What is the level of difficulty for changing the clutch master cylinder?
>I consulted my trusty Bentley, which doesn't have a specific procedure
>for doing it. It just has an illustration of it. It looks fairly
>straight forward, other than it is in a hard to reach place. Any
>Also, I finally installed my Samco hoses. I was going to clean up my old
>stock hoses, which are pretty oily. Any suggestions on watch to clean
>them with that will not break them down?
>Dave Priebe
>Kenmore, WA
>91 200tqa 169k his
>95.5 S6 106k hers
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