Blau Wiring Harness for euro lights questions

Gordy_Schesel at Gordy_Schesel at
Fri Aug 29 11:29:41 EDT 2003

I'm interested in how this works out for you, Chuck.  I got my 200 a year
ago in October and have been interested in doing the euro-light conversion
also.  And we all know how inadequate the OE light assemblies perform, even
when newly replaced at a cost of ~$300 per side.

I'm concerned about the down-side to the conversion.
...The cost is ~$750 including the harness
...They are not DOT approved (will my insurance company have issue with
that if something happens?)
...The auto-check system will no longer test the light circuit and report
as before(?)

I'm puzzled by your "H1/H3 bulbs on a separate switch" comment.  What bulbs
are being replaced; and with what?   What bulbs are normally going to be
lit when the headlight switch is flipped on?

'91 200 20v tq wagon, white, 109k miles, totally stock so far.
'91 100 10v quattro, bamboo, 196k miles, also totally stock.

I am about to install my Euro lights. THe Blau harness gives you a
option to put the H1/H3 bulbs on a separate switch, so as to not blind
the innocent.
Have any lucky souls here used this option? If so where did you put the
switch inside the car? (neatly)  Has anyone figured out how to set it up
so the H1/H3 bulbs will only light up when the high beams are selected
and the switch is on. I am assuming that the Blau optional switch method
lights the H1/H3 bulbs regardless if the highs are on.
I was looking at the harness and thinking (a dangerous thing) that I
could route the power that energizes the regular high beam relay to the
extra relay for the H1/H3 bulbs and use the switch to supply the ground,
that way the blaster lights would only be on with the other high beams
when they are selected. This would be preferred for when I am out
driving and would not have to move my hands off of the steering wheel to
turn off the blaster bulbs.


Chuck Pierce
91 200 tq 20v Avant    Euro lights to come and Samco hoses

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