Blau Wiring Harness for euro lights questions

Chris Payne cbpldc at
Fri Aug 29 13:30:04 EDT 2003

Or ordering a custom harness from  I've outfitted 3 Audi's thus far with them and I have to say I love their work.  It looks OE and works even better.

I just put in a set of the 100 Euro lights (the big trapezoids) with some 100/130 watt H4's and the lights are awesome now!  I can finally see where I'm going in the dark.


--- Bernie Benz <b.benz at> wrote:
>> From: Gordy_Schesel at
>> I'm concerned about the down-side to the conversion.
>> ...The cost is ~$750 including the harness
>You can cut the cost by making your own harness, BTDT.
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