Tire sizes for 200 20 vtqa & UrQ

benswann at comcast.net benswann at comcast.net
Sat Aug 30 16:17:31 EDT 2003

I am trying to find some tires for both 200 20V TQ avant as well as my 83
UrQuattro.  I need to economize somewhat as usual and am looking on Ebay for
possible good deals.

I have two sets of wheels. 1 set is 15" BBS stock on '91 200 20V tqa with
225/60 VR Yok AVS that have been noisy, chunky lousy all weather traction and
have turned my opinion of Yokahamas for the worse.

The others came with the URQ and are 16" 225/45.  I only need two tires, but
may replace all 4 as I am not finding the same size for a reasonable price.

Questions include:

What are maximum/optimum sizes for 15" and 16" tires for both cars?  Is there a
size that may be reasonably interchangeable between URQ and 200 - probably not,
but thought I'd ask.

Wondering if the 225/45 16" is overkill for the UrQ. Should I back down a size
(more economical too, or should I go even larger?

Just trying to be economical in choosing my new tires, of course my prefer is
something like the Mich XGT Pilots which were wonderful tires just may be
beyond budget at this time.  I may actually swap the 16" TSW Hockenheims over
to the avant if I find it economical to do so, meaning I locate the ideal tires
for each car on the alternative wheels.

Some of the choices I found:

I have found a lot of 205/50 16" for not much dinero if that is a good size for
the UrQ - any comments?

PIRELLI P7000 TIRE TIRES 245 35 ZR16 I found - how would they do on either car?

I found some Michelin Artic Alpin, 205/55 R, Radial X - are they very noisy?

225-50-15 Hankook H405 - anyone heard of these, wonder how they'd be on the Ury?

16 Inch Tires 255-50-16 Aurora K103 "Z" Rated - anyone have any experience?

PIRELLI P8000 205 55 16 - these have the deep grove in the center, almost like
two tires on one wheel, like the Aquatread - anyone tried them.

Also, perhaps someone has two 225/45 VR 16" with good tread left enough to get
me by for now - the 2 good ones I have are P6's with 80% tread left.

TIA - appreciate the feedback.


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