Rear Brakes

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Sat Aug 30 21:25:27 EDT 2003

Pad replacement is a relatively straight-forward procedure if your system
is in good shape.  You have to turn the piston clockwise and push on it at
the same time to get it to retract fully into the caliper cylinder.  If
your system hasn't been serviced routinely with things like flushing the
old fluid and checking the condition of the boots on the pistons, you could
find getting the piston back in difficult.  There's a $50-60 tool that
works great.  The alternative is to turn the piston with waterpump pliers,
being careful to not tear the boot, while applying pressure with something
like a large C-clamp.  I usually open the bleeder slightly, arranging to
catch the drips somehow, because I'm going to flush the system as part of
the bleeding I usually do after installing new pads.

At 08:00 PM 08/30/2003 +0000, nhvonhof at wrote:
>Is replacement of pads only on the rear pretty simple? A DIY for a reasonably
>intelligent person? Any BTDT and tips & tricks?
>Neil Vonhof
>'91 200q20v Sedan
>152000 miles
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