Fan/wiper fuse blown

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sat Aug 30 21:37:53 EDT 2003

No idea off-hand what the problem is, Steve, but DOES allow
multiple subscriptions.  I'm on the Q List, the 200q20v List (obviously)
and the V8 List because I have cars that fit all three categories.

One thought, maybe that fuse was just ready to blow from age/heat, etc.

At 06:13 PM 08/30/2003 -0600, Steve Sherman wrote:
>Had to recue my wife and her 87 5KTQW just a bit ago.  [I know this is a
>20v forum, but the audifans site does not allow one to belong to
>multiple lists, and the cooling system here is fairly similar between
>the 5K and the 20v's]
>Car had overheated while going up a steep hill, and she stopped and
>pulled over when she saw steam coming out of under the hood. When I got
>there and looked into things, the only problem (other than AF having
>shot out of the res) was the fan control/wiper fuse had blown.  The wife
>mentioned that the wipers quit on her about 10min or so before the
>overheat event (but she was driving on the level until this last hill).
>So from what I could piece together, this fuse blew, so no cooling fan
>and things overheated.
>I replaced the fuse and refilled the AF and drove home.  Basically
>everything was fine.  Fuse is doing fine, fan works (only 1.5yr old, no
>binding), wipers work.
>So I am curious if any listers have seen similar symptoms before.  Any
>ideas what might cause the fan/wiper fuse to blow and then go away?
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