Noisy after Steering pump replacement in '90 90 20V

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Sun Aug 31 03:29:19 EDT 2003


Apparently I did not word with as much clarity as I could have.

I know that turning full lock is not good.  This is the type of noise that
would be associated with turning the wheels full lock in one direction or the
other.  However, the noise occurs at all times when turning the steering
wheel.  The steering system is not being used abnormally and driver knows a
little bit about how to operate the steering.

This noise did not occur with the original pump before it was replaced.  I
don't know what if anything contributed to the failure of the original.  I
basically was asked to replace the pump for the owener of the 90 20v.  He is
fairly knowledgable re. VAG stuff and said he had heard this particular model
has has a more inordinate rate of failure than the others.  I don't know if
this is true or not, and don't know why this system would be more failure prone
than say the type 44 ones.

Anyway, I'm trying to isolate the culprit, as he's suggesting the new pump is
faulty.  I'd like to know what else it might be.

There is perhaps a graunch noise also that can be heard when turning the
wheels - I can hear when standing over the pump along with the high
pitched "full lock" sound.

Oh, what may or may not be the Pentosin volcano effect seems to have happened a
few days after replacement, but has not recurred, only the noise.  Fluid level
seemed to stay normal despite what he observed that fluid had started coming
out the cap of the reservior after some heavy driving. Also, steering effort is
not consistant - like sometimes there is power steering and sometimes there is
not or there is reduced power steering/greater steering effort.

Make sense?

> Ben,
> Sounds like a loose drive belt to me.  Turning any PS system to full lock is
> a good way to blow the rack's high pressure rod seal.  A no-no!
> Bernie
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> > Subject: Noisy after Steering pump replacement in '90 90 20V
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> > I recently replaced a bad steering pump that had seized in a '90 90 20V with a
> > rebuilt unit from one of the commonly used reputable suppliers on the list.
> >
> > The pump/steering system is noisy with the high pitched type of noise that
> > occurs when steering is turned full lock eminating when turning at any
> > position
> > in range of travel.
> >
> > Is this a bad rebuild or is there something else to look for.  System was
> > fully
> > purged and filled with new Pentosin 11S as specified.
> >
> > Ben
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