Rear Brakes

Dave Priebe dkpriebe at
Sat Aug 30 23:17:24 EDT 2003

I did mine last weekend, putting in some Porterfield R4S pads, in
preparation for the upcoming Audi club events (Are you going?). This is
the second time I've done the rears. I think that it is pretty straight
forward, like the fronts, getting them apart. The tricky part really is
screwing in the piston. It turns clockwise. I purchased one of the Lisle
brand rear caliper cube tool that fits on a 3/8" driver. It has a
different style piston interface on each side of the tool. Unfortunately
there isn't one that fits just right for our Audis. But there is one
that's pretty close. But with the combination of putting pressure on it
and the tool not fitting just right, I am only able to do about a
quarter turn before it pops off. I've gotten used to this so that I
don't smash my hands now, but its still a frustrating process. But it
probably only take about 5 minutes to turn each piston in. I keep
thinking about buying the correct Audi tool (I think it is $50+.), but
them keep telling myself that I won't be doing the rear too often. Good
luck, and let me know if you need any local help.

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
91 200tqa 172k his
95.5 S6 108k hers

PS- Since I just finished changing the oil on the S6, I have to say I
love the 200 much more than S6, simply because it doesn't have the lower
engine cover. It takes me more time to uninstall and re-install it, than
it does to actually change to the oil!

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Is replacement of pads only on the rear pretty simple? A DIY for a
intelligent person? Any BTDT and tips & tricks?
Neil Vonhof
'91 200q20v Sedan
152000 miles
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