Clamps for Samco Hoses revisited

CL Wong montesawong at
Mon Dec 1 20:49:06 EST 2003

Has the Breeze constant torque clamps on their site
under the Balkamp brand.  These clamps are really high
quality and heavy.  The clamps are partially lined so
you don't have to worry about the worm gear holes
cutting the hoses.

The Napa site indicates they are 5 in a box but it is
a misprint.  You only get 1 clamp for the listed

Here's one of the part numbers to get you started:
BK 7051509 enter in the Napa Part number search box.

If you're also having trouble locating suitable
replacement wiper blades for your OEM blades you can
try: napa part number WIP602241 this is a repackaged
Trico teflon wiper blade refill (not cheap at $4.69
per side).  For some reason the refill they choose for
you based on car doesn't fit.


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