pump to rack hose curiosity

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Dec 3 00:08:01 EST 2003

> From: CL Wong <montesawong at yahoo.com>
> With the new OEM hose, steering effort is noticeably
> lighter and smoother and the brake light now turns off
> immediately on cold starts.
> Could these differences be attributed to that small
> diameter hose inside the OEM hose that my rebuilder
> didn't know how to handle?
No.  The brake system is totally independant of the PS system, it just uses
the same fluid.  The internals of the OEM PS hose comprise a very "sneeky",
neatly designed acoustic filter to damp pump pressure pulsations.  You
should notice a quieter PS system when max PS is called for.  Apparently,
your rebuilder was not the best with pressure hoses, let alone acoustic


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