pump to rack hose curiosity

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Wed Dec 3 00:11:04 EST 2003

I've had my re-built hose for just over a year. They re-builder was able 
to retain that inner hose. I haven't had the jerky assist and the 
steering feels like it did before. Probably just depends on how it is 
re-built. I paid about $50.


CL Wong wrote:
> My rebuilt pump to rack hose lasted 2.5 years before
> it started oozing in colder weather.  After the degree
> of difficulty I had rebuilding it I decided to pay
> $150 to purchase an OEM hose.
> With the rebuilt hose, I was experiencing jerky assist
> occasionally during parking lot manuevers and a longer
> than usual brake light on cold starts in the morning
> which I attributed to a leaky brake servo (even did
> the leak check).
> With the new OEM hose, steering effort is noticeably
> lighter and smoother and the brake light now turns off
> immediately on cold starts.  
> Could these differences be attributed to that small
> diameter hose inside the OEM hose that my rebuilder
> didn't know how to handle?
> The string trick to start the rack bolt worked well
> for me but the trick to using it is figuring out how
> to hold the hose in position with your left hand while
> using your left pointer finger to hold the rack bolt
> in place while your right hand pulls the string.
> Chi
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