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Thu Dec 4 16:15:09 EST 2003

On my 91 200q, I mounted the V1 up high and to the right, above the rear view
mirror.  Positioned just right, the passenger side sun visor does not interfere
in either full up or down positions, but it will block the rear laser sensor if
partially lowered.

I ran the straight power cord along the edge of the headliner (under the vinyl
moulding), down the driver-side A-pillar (pull off edge moulding when door is
open), then into left-end of dash.  

Remote display I placed dead center in front of steering wheel, in front of
instrument cluster.  Remove the IC's lower trim piece to feed another flat
phone cord into (behind) the dash between the wood trim and the IC (you'll need
to snip off one end of the cord and crimp on a new RJ-11/12 connector once it
makes its way thru.  Power supply (and ground) came from below the dash, off
one of the wires into the relay panel.

Sorry--no pics as the car is for sale/sold and I'm keeping (and already
removed) the V1! 
Linus Toy
Mercer Island, WA 
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> I'd be interested in hearing about this too.
> [Hey all-
> I'm looking for any tips WRT setting up a Valentine 1 with 
> remote display.  I'd like to have the wiring as hidden as 
> possible (  I don't want dangling wires in field of 
> vision)...but here's the tough part:  I want to be able to 
> _quickly_and_easily_ switch the detector between my two cars.  
> Any advice from those with experience?
> TIA-
> Brandon
> '84 urq 20V
> '98 A4]
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