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> On my 91 200q, I mounted the V1 up high and to the right, above the rear
> mirror.  Positioned just right, the passenger side sun visor does not
> in either full up or down positions, but it will block the rear laser
sensor if
> partially lowered.
> I ran the straight power cord along the edge of the headliner (under the
> moulding), down the driver-side A-pillar (pull off edge moulding when door
> open), then into left-end of dash.

On my 91 200q, I also mounted mine up high and I take power from the sunroof
switch - very easy to get into it and no long power cords in view or to run.
Only downside is that the detector will power cycle whenever the sunroof
switch is used - which is very seldom in my case.Certainly no more than
twice per trip :-)

mike miller
helmville mt

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