K&N Air Filter Question

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The flat one works well with stage V. So I think it should work well
with stage III :)

WARNINGS!!  Just did a 510 hp mod on an RS6.  "Check engine" light came
on after a day or two.  Audi said in effect:  "Ah Ha.  After market
filters."  And without PROVING they caused the problem, charged the
client to put back on stock ones.  That did not fix the problem.  

So heads up guys and gals.  The manufacturer must PROVE that after
market CAUSED.  Just saying you have after market stuff and saying it
caused. . . is not a reason for the manufacturer to withhold warranty.

Actually Audi's installation of stock filters without the light staying
off PROVED that the filters were NOT the reason.

Then they replaced both air meters.  Charged the client.

Oops!   Reason for the light was elsewhere.  Client was still charged.

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I've got a Stage III 20V 200TQ.  I would like to shift to a K&N air
It would appear there are two options.  First to replace the stock "pad"
in the stock housing with the 33-2029 K&N.  Second to actually do some
mods on 
the intake box/hose and put in one of the "conical" K&N types.  Anyone
any BTDT experience?   TIA. 
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