distributor rotor question

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While I never thought I would be in a position to disagree with Minhea, I 
am.  I have used the wider tipped incorrect rotor on my avant for some time 
before I "realized" it was not an exact replacement.  (both at highish revs 
and everyday with no "known" ill effects.   I ordered the exact replacement 
from SJM and compared.  Aside from any nonmeasureable impedance differences, 
it all came down to width of rotor tip.  I believe the "horror stories" 
revolved around the markedly wider tip possibly making "contact" to 2 points 
in the cap at once and causing incorrect firing of the spark plugs.  20 
Seconds with a Dremel and the "incorrect 1/3 price " rotor has the same 
measuremnts as the "correct" one.  No noticeble differences between the 
cars, both now have awfully low mileage!

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Hello, Am I imagining it or did I read somewhere that the 3B has a proper
"special" distributor rotor that is narrow at the contact but most places
sell the standard style that also fits ...?
If it's not a dream, does it make a difference?

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Yes, the distributor rotor is specific to the 3B and only that one can be
used, the "regular" item can be responsible for causing spark arcing
between 2 cylinders leading to severe engine damage, or at least such is
the story.


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