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Mon Dec 8 10:24:33 EST 2003

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> The plastic gear has more slop in it over time.  My bet is audi found this
> out, and addressed it by using a narrower distributor rotor.
If this be the case, I wonder if the first 3Bs, Euro '89 or '90s, also
started out using the narrow tips?  IMO, just some engineer's wild hair.
> If you go back to
> the MC and the metal gear, there was no narrow distributor.  You go forward to
> the 3B with metal gear, the narrow rotor was dropped by audi and bosch
> application cats.
> Again, it can't "hurt" to put it in.  I also strongly suspect this will get
> dropped alltogether pretty soon, as this was a single year/model application.
If the "narrow minded" among us insist on the narrow tip, one can easily mod
the wide tip by cutting off the wings with a very fine hack saw.  BTDT.  But
there is usually no good reason to replace the rotor any more than there is
to replace the cap, wires or plugs.  DFIif IAB!

> SJ
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> Scott,
> What is the rationale for the implication that distributor-gear
> material is a factor in determining the choice of rotor tip (narrow
> vs. wide)?
> Phil
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