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Bernie, Scott,

At 07:22 8/12/2003 -0800, Bernie Benz wrote:

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> > The plastic gear has more slop in it over time.  My bet is audi found this
> > out, and addressed it by using a narrower distributor rotor.
>If this be the case, I wonder if the first 3Bs, Euro '89 or '90s, also
>started out using the narrow tips?  IMO, just some engineer's wild hair.

Umm, all 3Bs and RRs AFAIK had this. Even late 1992 S2 3Bs had it from the 
factory. Plus the brand new distributors with metal gears still come with 
them attached, so who's right? ;)

> > If you go back to
> > the MC and the metal gear, there was no narrow distributor.  You go 
> forward to
> > the 3B with metal gear, the narrow rotor was dropped by audi and bosch
> > application cats.
> >
> > Again, it can't "hurt" to put it in.  I also strongly suspect this will get
> > dropped alltogether pretty soon, as this was a single year/model 
> application.

Nope, I don't think it will be dropped, as don't forget there have been 
quite a lot of 200q20v's sold in Europe between 1989 and 1991 and about 
3500 3B S2s as well between 1990 and 1992.

>If the "narrow minded" among us insist on the narrow tip, one can easily mod
>the wide tip by cutting off the wings with a very fine hack saw.  BTDT.  But
>there is usually no good reason to replace the rotor any more than there is
>to replace the cap, wires or plugs.  DFIif IAB!

Lol, agreed with Bernie on this one, though a little preventative 
maintenance before performance upgrades doesn't hurt and spares pulling 
one's hair off wondering "WTF isn't it going right?"...



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> > SJ
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> > Scott,
> > What is the rationale for the implication that distributor-gear
> > material is a factor in determining the choice of rotor tip (narrow
> > vs. wide)?
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