distributor rotor question

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Dec 8 11:03:34 EST 2003

> From: Mihnea Cotet <mik at info.fundp.ac.be>
> Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 16:25:02 +0100
> To: "Mike Del Tergo" <mdeltergo at hotmail.com>, 200q20v at audifans.com
> Subject: Re:  distributor rotor question
> Lol, and I'm glad there still are people who disagree with me, I guess it's
> the whole point about these lists, like everyone sharing their opinions,
> right? :-)
> I have no first hand experience with this as I've always used the correct
> item, hence my statement about "such is the story" so I might just as well
> be wrong... I also think that in an otherwise stock car (stock ECU and
> boost levels) there should be no danger to using the incorrect part number,
> but in a chipped application or a car with serious mods, RS2 turbo, EM,
> injectors and running 2.7 Bar absolute peak boost for 440lb/ft it would be
> quite risky to say "nah, who cares, I know better", huh? :-)
The distributor neither knows nor cares what the engine's externals are.
The only meaningfull Q in my mind is, and who better to answer than you,
Mihnea:  Do any of the more aggressive ECU mods use a greater total advance
angle, full retard to full advance, than does the stock ECU?  If so, is any
such increase in the max advance angle over stock enough to possibly cause
sparking to an ajacent plug point?


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