distributor rotor question

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Mon Dec 8 11:08:51 EST 2003

At 07:56 8/12/2003 -0800, Bernie Benz wrote:

> > but in a chipped application or a car with serious mods, RS2 turbo, EM,
> > injectors and running 2.7 Bar absolute peak boost for 440lb/ft it would be
> > quite risky to say "nah, who cares, I know better", huh? :-)
>The distributor neither knows nor cares what the engine's externals are.
>The only meaningfull Q in my mind is, and who better to answer than you,
>Mihnea:  Do any of the more aggressive ECU mods use a greater total advance
>angle, full retard to full advance, than does the stock ECU?

Yes they do Bernie, a stock 3B's maximum total advance is 12 degree BTDC, 
not corrected by intake temperature compensation which range or temp range 
I won't mention here. On the 360+ 3Bs that I've tuned so far, total advance 
is increased to about 26 degree BTDC, uncorrected too. No further retard 
over stock values BTW.

>   If so, is any
>such increase in the max advance angle over stock enough to possibly cause
>sparking to an ajacent plug point?

I quite frankly don't know, it has never happened to me, so I suppose that 
if it's done properly (I'm not saying I've really done it properly but it's 
been 30.000 miles that those motors have been running strong with no 
damage) it can't happen, at least not if everything else on the motor is ok...




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