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At 10:37 AM -0500 12/8/03, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
>Now, I don't want to steal Bernie's thunder here, but...  Minhea, do
>understand that audi doesn't sell the metal distributor gear 
>separately, so all those
>replacement distributors audi had bosch make for the 200t have the narrow tip
>installed.  You will NOT find this rotor at audi, and for good reason IMO,
>it's not necessary with the proper fix.  Look at it this way, the narrow tip
>rotor didn't solve the problem with the plastic gear.  The metal 
>gear solved the
>problem of the narrow tip rotor.

But as far as we know, there is _no_ actual "problem with the narrow 
tip rotor", is there? Well, availability, I guess. ;-)

Anyway, from what I've heard on these lists (I realize you are privy 
to much more info than I get on these lists) the main problem 
experienced with the plastic distributor gear is the occurance of 
sudden disintegration. Prior to that catastrophic event, what 
symptom(s) should we associate with mere wear of the plastic gear? I 
guess what I'm wondering is: yes, the plastic gear begins to wear and 
presumably to develop "slop", but how does that show up in engine 
performance so as as to force Audi/Bosch to develop a metal-geared 
replacement? My guess is that it was the gears' catastrophic-failure 
mode ( and not simply the gear wear) which led them to the 
replacement gear.

Also, wasn't the narrow (3B) rotor introduced at the _same_ time as 
the 3B plastic-geared distributor? If your analysis is correct, it 
would imply that Audi knew from the start that they had a gear-wear 
problem in their brand-new distributor configuration. Shame on them!


>It's not "right" or "wrong", it's necessary or not.  If you want to claim it
>does something, fine.  Then I would also claim that the MC and all other metal
>distributor 10vt should have the same benefit with a narrow rotor.  Ah, but
>they didn't share the same problem.  Full circle.
>Scott Justusson
>In a message dated 12/8/2003 9:29:36 AM Central Standard Time,
>mik at info.fundp.ac.be writes:
>Umm, all 3Bs and RRs AFAIK had this. Even late 1992 S2 3Bs had it from the
>factory. Plus the brand new distributors with metal gears still come with
>them attached, so who's right? ;)
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