While the IM is off

Dan Wing wagons at sover.net
Mon Dec 8 21:11:31 EST 2003

I am having my metal gear put in next week, as I am near that critical mileage where failure seems likely to occur. I need to either patch or replace the crankcase breather hose, anyway, and that will be easy to do at the same time. Forgetting the HMACDOTHOAP* question of the rotor, though-- and keeping in mind both the DFIIIAB and KTBWOS* principles, what is the answer to "feelstranger's" question? What coolant line are we talking about? And are we talking about the injector O-rings, or some other O-rings? What should be done while the IM is off, on a 135,000 mile car with full factory boost and winter gas mileage of 23.5- 24.0 mpg by both computer and calculation?

Dan Wing

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