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There is a small diameter turbo coolant line that runs in front of the
motor, but behind the timing belt. That section is metal. It turns to rubber
right under the intake manifold near the hydraulic pump. It is possible to
replace it without taking the manifold off, but you do need the pump out of
the way. I think I carefully cut the old crimp and hose off (leaving the
flare) so I could just put some rubber hose on there. The first replacement
hose I used only lasted a few years, so now I have some aircraft grade hose
on there.
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> I am having my metal gear put in next week, as I am near that critical
mileage where failure seems likely to occur. I need to either patch or
replace the crankcase breather hose, anyway, and that will be easy to do at
the same time. Forgetting the HMACDOTHOAP* question of the rotor, though-- 
and keeping in mind both the DFIIIAB and KTBWOS* principles, what is the
answer to "feelstranger's" question? What coolant line are we talking about?
And are we talking about the injector O-rings, or some other O-rings? What
should be done while the IM is off, on a 135,000 mile car with full factory
boost and winter gas mileage of 23.5- 24.0 mpg by both computer and
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