distributor rotor question - PROBLEM

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Tue Dec 9 07:21:39 EST 2003

All crossfire damaged distributor motors doesn't mean a distributor gear is 
BROKEN.  It might be.  To those unaware of the plastic gear problems in this 
application, the best *hope* is a broken gear.

Bernie, I know the preemptive strike to replace the plastic distributor gear 
with the metal one violates the DFIAB - tm BB, but you and many others did 
well to do so by definition.

Scott in Boston sums all this up quite well, tho I don't think a "less 
common" exists if the plastic gear is installed.  This crossfire issue is a known 
entity, and has been discussed quite a few times over the years on the mother 
list.  I know you *want* to see a resultant failure of the component in terms of 
breakage Bernie, I just know you won't every time.

Thanks for the discourse gentlemen

Scott Justusson
In a message dated 12/8/2003 5:48:41 PM Central Standard Time, 
b.benz at charter.net writes:
Scott, inasmuch as the distributor timing marks must be in alignment within
a degree or so, any appreciable wear on the driven side of the plastic gear
would alter this static timing adjustment.  IMO, such wear is not the case.
Excessive dist gear backlash is normally no problem, inasmuch as the driving
cam gear is always doing so and the backlash is out of the loop.  Only if
the cam drive system has a low frequency resonant torsional vibration (the
20V dist rattle) will the dist backlash be a factor in instantaneous dist.


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