Rear end questions

Dan Cordon cord4530 at
Tue Dec 9 16:31:35 EST 2003

I recently purchased a 91 200tq tranny to put in my 87 5kcstq. I believe
my current diffs are 3.89:1 ratio. The 91 200 tq has a 4.11:1 ratio, so
I'm going to have to swap in a new rear diff as well. Does the V8
quattro from that same era have the 4.11 ratio? If so, is the diff the
same size so that it would swap in to my sub frame? I'd really like the
Torsen rear diff from that if possible.

Also available to me is a 91 200tq rear sub frame. Any idea how much
these usually cost? I know it won't bolt in to my 87, but I could use
the diff, and then overhaul the subframe to put under my 91 tq.

Thanks for any insights you may have--

Oh yes....for the mandatory distributor content....I purchased a new
dist for my 91 from Rod at The Parts Connection about 2 months ago. Cost
was ~$280 and it came with a narrow tip rotor. FYI, Scott @ SJM has
these for about $270 as well....but I already ordered mine before I
found that out. Both Rod and Scott are always great to deal with though.

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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