200q Avant rear wiper arm...

the Spaeth's spaeth at gorge.net
Tue Dec 9 20:24:06 EST 2003

This is my first official post here. My wife and I just purchased a really nice 91
200 TQ Avant. The rear wiper arm had been snapped off by vandals slightly before
purchasing. Anyway I tried the dealer and they are back ordered with none currently
on order. I thought I would see if anyone may have one around I could purchase. I
know it is a long shot but let me know. The part number is 447955407A. The wagon is
replacing our Alpine white and tan leather 20v Turbo sedan. If anyone knows of
anybody interested in a nice chipped sedan, with H&R's let me know. We are very
motivated on the price since we now have the wagon. I already listed it in the
classifieds a few weeks back.

Craig Spaeth
the Gorge

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