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Wed Dec 10 01:32:59 EST 2003

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> Dan:
> I'll address your excellent forensic lab distributor post after I chase my
> mailbox thru a bit...
> WRT the below is much simpler.  The 91 200 trans has a torsen center, I'm
> presuming you to think that's a good thing.  I don't, most folks go the 'other'
> way, and a 4.11 locker is available for the 5ktq.  However, the rear torsen
> from the v8 is indeed a 4.11 and is a bolt in to the 5ktq rear end.  That part
> of your project is good mod IMO.  Take the whole rear end down complete from
> the 91, that gives you the vented rear brakes that bolt on to your 87tq, and the
> better rear upper spring perches that also bolt onto your 87, then bolt the
> 91 subframe into your 91
> Scott Justusson
> 91 v8
> 84 RS2URQ project mit torsen rear
> '83 urq

Very great information! I had no idea what parts would exchange with what. Your list
is extremely helpful for that.

So you don't like the torsen center diff? My current tranny is doing just fine. I
just saw this tranny for so cheap and figured it was an upgrade. Most of the other
awd people say they wish they had a torsen center. I suppose none of them have
locking diffs though. :o)  What things do you like/dislike though. I'd be happy to
hear them.

On the distributor.....I just thought I'd share some numbers. Not really an opinion.
In hind site, it seems clear that there was a few problems with plastic gears and 17
mm tip rotors. I still have no idea *why* there were issues. If the rotor was able
to get far enough ahead (mid way between contacts) that would mean there was nearly
40° of slop in the distributor-cam drive.

Having recently installed a new distributor (and dealing with the pains of setting
the timing window *just* perfect ....2° in either direction meant 'no spark') I'd
think the distributor being nearly 40° off would definitely cause a "no spark"

If I ever get really board, I'll volunteer to cut my hands/arm up while replacing
the distributor cap with a "windowed" version. That way we could see the rotor
phasing. If that's off from the factory, then a few degrees of advance/retard could
make a world of difference as to where the spark jumps.

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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